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Systems are increasingly dependent on software components. The complexity of systems with embedded software has increased rapidly. Maintaining reliability in software-intensive systems is very difficult. Every Software engineering methodology is based on a recommended development process proceeding through several phases: Analysis, Specification, Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Integration and System Testing, Maintenance. Formal methods can be a foundation for describing complex systems, a foundation for reasoning about systems and provide support for program development, complementary approach to the methodology! The text deals with the Event-B method in more detail. Event-B is an evolution of B-Method developed by Jean-Raymond Abrial. The B method is a method of software development based on B, a tool-supported formal method based on an abstract machine notation, used in the development of computer software.

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Systems Engineering – Formal Modelling Methods (soubor pdf)

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prof. Dr.Eng. Said Krayem

doc. Ing. Bronislav Chramcov, Ph.D. (profesní informace na webových stránkách UTB ve Zlíně)

prof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D. (profesní informace na webových stránkách UTB ve Zlíně)

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